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NYS_Tax_Parcels_State_Owned (MapServer)

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Publication Date: August 2018. This service only contains parcel data for NYS State-owned tax parcels. Parcel geometry was incorporated as received from County Real Property Departments. No attempt was made to edge-match parcels along adjacent counties. County attribute values were populated using 2017 Assessment Roll tabular data the NYS GIS Program Office (GPO) obtained from the NYS Department of Tax and Finance’s Office of Real Property Tax Services (ORPTS). This tabular data was joined to the county provided parcel geometry using the SWIS & SBL or SWIS & PRINT KEY unique identifier for each parcel. New York City attribute data comes from NYC MapPluto ( Parcel polygons range from 2016 to 2018. The State-owned tax parcel polygons in this file are the result of a best effort selection based on the Primary Owner and Additional Owner fields in the NYS Statewide Tax Parcels file, GPO data, State agency data, and online research. These same data and information are also the basis for a best effort assignment of a NYS agency name (listed in the NYS Name field) to most tax parcel polygons where the Owner Type field value is State. The NYS Name Source field consists of a code that describes how the State-owned designation and agency name were determined, if this was verified, and the means of verification, if applicable. Additional metadata, including field descriptions, can be found at the NYS GIS Clearinghouse:

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Copyright Text: Contributing counties, NYS Office of Information Technology Services GIS Program Office (GPO) and NYS Department of Taxation and Finance’s Office of Real Property Tax Services (ORPTS).

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